Honoring the dead, by serving the living.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

POST 9199

Text Box:

Mount Royal Veterans Club

643 Wetzel Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15209

Phone: 412-486-1316

E-mail:  post9199@vfw9199.com

Mount Royal Veterans Club

The  purposes of this club are fraternal, patriotic, historical, educational and social .  We preserve and strengthen comradeship among  our members.  We work together  to further social gatherings of ex-service men, to assist worthy comrades, to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead Veterans and to assist their widows and orphans.  We maintain and promote true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America and fidelity to its constitution and laws.  We foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the ideals and institutions of American freedom; and to- enjoy all rights, privileges, powers and authority. which may be vested in it for the furtherance of  the these purposes.

To contact us:

We offer….

· A full service canteen (bar)

· Entertainment and social functions.

· Camaraderie with others who have served

· A way to meet others concerned about your community

· Active support to programs that help deployed service members

· Association with a group that has first-hand experience with the hardships of military life.

· A group that knows veterans come from all walks of life and have different experiences.

· A group where members are allowed to disagree with one another and still share the pride of having served on behalf of their country

We’re OPEN!  (‘sorta)


The Mount Royal Veterans Club will be

open to members only, no guests.


Wednesdays — Saturdays 12N-11P

Sundays — Tuesdays 12N-6P


There will be at least one food option daily.

You must have food in front of you to consume alcoholic beverages.

Nobody is permitted at the bar for any reason.

No smoking in the club during the pandemic.

You must wear a mask when not seated.

No more than 25 people at one time.

Be Well People.

Stay Safe!

Thank you for your patience through these changes.