Honoring the dead, by serving the living.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

POST 9199

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Ladies Auxilliary Membership


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Volunteering and Service:


We are very proud of all the volunteer hours our ladies serve.

We volunteer with the Veterans from our Post at Highland Veteran's Hospital and Southwestern Hospital, both are off Washington Blvd. Ida Fowler is the Hospital Deputy at Highland for District 29. See her if you wish to volunteer. Some of the things we do are: Hold ice cream ward parties, hold BINGO and pizza parties, sew "hug-a-bears" for the hospitalized vets, collect clothing, help at carnivals and dances, and decorate their bulletin boards. We "adopt" a vet from the hospital who has no visitors and provide him with extra attention and gifts.  We volunteer at Southwestern’s Dementia wing for “one-on-one” visits.

We collect men's clothing for the patients and homeless vets at highland. Please bring these clothes in plastic bags with a list of the enclosed garments to the post.

We collect coupons from the newspaper to mail to our overseas military. This helps them out with their weekly grocery bills.    Send over $18,000 in value each month.  Rachel Coates heads this Committee and coupons are clipped and totaled to send on to the Troops.

We purchase “care packages” for our local troops overseas and help mail them.

Bingo  We have a bingo at the Post 9199 the first and third Sunday night at 8:00 PM September through May during the year.   ALL of the monies taken in for the bingo are given out as winnings.  It is a great time and the more who attend, the bigger the winnings!

Christmas Party   We organize and hold the annual Children's Christmas Party for children and grand children ages 0-8 of all members of the post. This includes sign-up sheets (which must be filled out by the beginning of November), buying and wrapping presents, ordering and giving of hot dogs, drinks, nachos, and cookies to the children, and arranging the entertainment.  We have our famous Bake Sale!  During the year we sell “Winner Take Half” tickets for the weekly raffle to help with expenses.

Gateway Clipper Boat ride for disabled Vets   We participate in taking the Vets on the Gateway Clipper boat ride every September for the annual Sharing and Caring. During this we help feed and dance with the vets.

Southwestern Hospital   We Hold a Picnic for the vets of the Southwestern Hospital  in August.  Vets get treated to lunch, activities and bingo. 

Family in Need   We help the Vets with the donation of an appliance or product needed for a “Family in Need” in our area at Christmas.

National Wheel Chair Event   We volunteered at the Block Party dinner at the National Wheelchair Olympics held in Pittsburgh this August, 2011.

Cancer & Diabetes   We donate money to Cancer and Diabetes funds.

Memorial Day   We help place flags on the vet's graves for Memorial Day and participate in the services at Mt Royal and Etna. We prepare and serve the food for the Memorial Day picnic.

Veteran’s Day   We participate at American Legion Veteran’s Day Services.   The Post invites us to attend the dinner that evening.  It is always a rewarding evening.

Buddy Poppies   We sell Buddy Poppies throughout the year.  An annual Buddy Poppy display is displayed for competition at District 29 yearly. 

District 29    We attend all the District 29 meetings.   Many of our Women hold office at the District level.  We send a gift to the outgoing district president. We support our Sister Auxiliaries by attending their Bingo's and other fund raisers

Ladies who are Ill   We send a gift card or pay our Ladies Auxiliary Dues (their choice) when our Auxiliary members are in the hospital.

Members Death   When a member passes away, we attend/conduct services at the Funeral Home with the Post Vets, depending if it is a Vet or a member of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Voice of Democracy  2011-2012  Open to students in grades 9-12.  For full rules visit the Ladies Auxiliary website:   www.ladiesauxvfw.com

Patriot’s Pen  2011-2012  Open to students in grades 6 – 8.  For full rules visit www.ladiesauxvfw.com

“Vet of the Year”   We nominate our “Vet of the Year”.  The US flag is flown over our Capital in Washington, DC in their honor.  Said flag is then given to the Veteran at a dinner held in his/her honor at Post 9199.  The Veteran with his/her Family and Friends attends and tells us about his life and services.

Those honored include:

1995: Ed Brose
1996: Bill Henderson
1997: Chuck Tharan
1998: Oliver Henninger
1999: John Bosiljeval
2000: Joe Rykaczewski

2001: Bob Buckler

2002:  John Bartolovich

2003:  Steven Wood

2004:  Howard Kocher

2005-06: Joseph Mosesso

2007:  Art Blumer

2008:  Bob Smith

2009: John Komar

2010: Joseph Kobus


The Third and Current Auxiliary:  

The Third and Current Ladies Auxiliary for Post 9199 Started on March 26, 1986.

John Barkins gave $25.00 to Grace Sharer and Helen Schiebler to start the Ladies Auxiliary.   Edith Davis of Coraopolis swore them in.  To get started, we sold lottery tickets, held bake sales, raffled homemade Afghans, sold food at the club on Saturday Nights, and held a Flea Market.


The 25 Charter Members on June 7th, 1986 were:

Virginia Andrews, Danette Dougherty, Verna Kraus, Sally Bosiljevac, Mary Jane Fleming, Arlene McBurney, Sandy Bosiljevac, Dorothy Harkins, Elizabeth McBurney, Imelda Buckler, Louise Hieber, Margarite Musesso, Gloria Burkhart, Barbara Hunt, Sally Reutsche Mary Ann Cole, Dolores Iannuzzi, Mary Ruthowski, Rose Marie DeRunk, Margaret King, Margaret Saver, Doris Klug, Dolores Koch, Helen Schibler, Cindy Sharer, Grace Sharer, Patty Sharer,  Alice Stiehler, and Lucianne Supan.


 Past Presidents

Post 9199 Third Charter of the Ladies Auxiliary


1986-1987:  Grace Sharer

1987-1989:  Louise Hieber

1989-1991:  Dolores Koch

1991-1992: Joy Patz         .

1992-1994: Dolores Koch

1994-1997: Ida Fowler

1997-1999: Rose Marie Bray

1999-2004:  Mary Jane Kleinhample

2004-2008:  Marilyn J. Wood

2008-2010:  Anne Marie Karaica

2010-present: Kathleen “Moe” Kobert


Our Ladies Auxiliary meets every:

 First Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 PM

VFW Post 9199, 443 Wetzel Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15209

VFW  Ladies Auxiliary  Members are...



                                                           - Wives

                                                           - Widows

                                                           - Mothers

                                                           - Foster and stepmothers (who have performed the duties of parent)

                                                           - Grandmothers

                                                           - Daughters

                                                           - Granddaughters

                                                           - Foster and stepdaughters (who attained that status prior to the age of sixteen                                                                                 and for whom the duties of parent were performed)

                                                           - Sisters, half sisters, foster and stepsisters (who attained that status prior to                                                                                     age sixteen)



...of persons who were or are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Members must be citizens of the United States and at least 16 years old.